My Business Coaching Podcast

My Business Coaching Podcast


#10 Job Crafting: Actively and motivatingly design your own job
11 Minuten
Job Crafting is a concept from positive organizational psychology. It's about proactively adapting work to your own wishes and needs. Sounds like wishful thinking? But it can be done! There are different forms of Job Crafting, in my podcast I...
#9 How to increase your well-being in virtual meetings
12 Minuten
In the New Normal, "being observed" and "observing oneself" are topics in video meetings. As one coachee puts it, "I feel like I'm constantly being watched, especially by myself - and I've become really dissatisfied with my appearance." Thi...
Your perfect working environment
15 Minuten
Which working environment corresponds to your ideal? What motivates you and makes you successful? People have different needs and therefore different expectations of their working environment. In this episode you will get to know your motivation type...
#7 Healthy use of social media
14 Minuten
Study results show: The impact of social media on mental health is minimal. If we get enough exercise and sleep, social media is not harmful. However, it is very time-intensive: Generation Y spends an average of 3 hours a day on it. What makes social...
#6 Customer-Centric Self Marketing: Explore the Employer Experience Journey
15 Minuten
In the latest episode of MY BUSINESS COACHING PODCAST, brand management expert and book author Dr. Miriam Jentschke and I apply the Costumer Experience Journey (CEJ) model to self-marketing and networking. Marketing activities are precisely aligned w...

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My Business Coaching Podcast supports psychologically based and practice-oriented leadership, self-management and personal reorientation. Coach Dr. Karin von Schumann has been advising specialists and executives nationally and internationally, face-to-face and online, for two decades. In Germany, she is one of the top experts in coaching, has published numerous books and articles and taught as a professor at the university.

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