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S3E7: Wie sich das etablierte Organisationsmodell der Industriegesellschaft verändern muss - mit Christopher Freese von BCG
41 Minuten
In dieser Folge von Superkinetics ist unser Gast Dr. Christopher Freese, Senior Partner & Managing Director bei The Boston Consulting Group. Christopher leitet das globale Digitalgeschäft in der Insurance Practice von BCG in Deutschland und...
S3E6: Wie man mit positiver Energie das Beste aus einem Unternehmen rausholt - mit Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch von der Universität St. Gallen.
36 Minuten
In dieser Superkinetics Folge sprechen wir mit Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch - Professorin für Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität St. Gallen mit Spezialisierung auf Leadership und Direktorin des Instituts für Leadership und Resources. Ihre F...
S3E5: "You Ask, We Answer" Outcome Orientation: Why you should start doing the right things before doing things right - Alessia Fadda from Workpath
23 Minuten
Welcome to our latest episode of the Superkinetics Podcast. Today's guest is Alessia Fadda, Program Manager for Training & Enablement at Workpath where she is responsible for enabling our customers to maximize the value they get from their...
S3E4: How coaches need to make themselves obsolete in order to be successful - with Alper Tonga from Runtastic
36 Minuten
Welcome to our latest episode of the Superkinetics Podcast.  Today's guest is Alper Tonga, Agility Coach at Adidas Runtastic, who has more than 9 years of experience in organizational transformation. He has helped engineering and non-engineer...
S3E3: Why diving into habit-formation is the key to successful OKR applications - with Paul Niven from
36 Minuten
Welcome to the latest episode of our Superkinetics Podcast. We are very glad to have Paul Niven on the show for this one! Paul is an American author, OKR coach, management consultant, and noted speaker on the subjects of strategy, OKRs, Balan...
S3E2: A case study on how to stay agile in a strictly regulated environment - with Jelmer Koekkoek from
33 Minuten
Welcome to our latest episode of the Superkinetics Podcast. In this episode, we are excited to present you a case study with our guest Jelmer Koekkoek, who is joining our podcast for the second time. He is a Lead "Agilist" and Scrum Master...
S3E1: Wie das Verlernen alter Hierarchien neue Potentiale entfesseln kann - Mit Daniel Vonier von SAP
38 Minuten
Wir sind zurück aus der Pause und starten in unsere dritte Staffel mit Daniel Vonier, Global Vice President People & Organizational Growth Team bei SAP. In seiner Rolle ist er verantwortlich für die Förderung neuer Arbeitsbewegungen sowie die...
The OKR Forum 2020 Special - Part 2
29 Minuten
Welcome back! This is the second and last part of our OKR Forum 2020 Special. Once Again, we have prepared an alternative set up. This time we interviewed two speakers individually for just 15 minutes, asking them about their part in the forum, their...
The OKR Forum 2020 Special - Part 1
37 Minuten
Welcome to this out-of-schedule episode of our Superkinetics Podcast.  Workpath was one of the hosts of the OKR Forum 2020 in Amsterdam, the biggest OKR Forum in Europe. Following up on this event, we wanted to share some of the discussed topics with...
S2E11: Johannes Müller as a guest speaker on the OKRs Q&A Podcast by Atruity
32 Minuten
We have something unexpected to share with you! Our CEO and Founder Johannes Müller was invited to speak on another podcast that focuses on OKRs and OKR implementation. The OKRs Q&A Podcast is focused on the successful implementation and management o...
S2E10 Tom Goulooze: A closer look at WeTransfer's OKR journey
40 Minuten
For this new episode, we are going on an international trip to take a closer look at WeTransfer's OKR journey.  We invited Tom Goulooze - Team Coach and Facilitator at WeTransfer -  to talk about the first and second OKR introduction at WeTransfer, a...
S2E9: "You Ask, We Answer": How to successfully scale OKRs throughout your company
29 Minuten
Welcome to the third episode of our "You Ask, We Answer" category. In this series, we gather the questions from our Workpath Community and invite experts to answer them. This week will be the final episode featuring Workpath's Head of Customer Succes...
S2E8 Natalija Hellesoe - Autorin "OKRs at the Center": OKRs als Motor für Nachhaltige Veränderung
42 Minuten
In der neuen Folge des Podcasts sprechen wir mit Natalija Hellesoe - Unternehmerin, Trainerin und Coach. Gemeinsam reden wir über Themen wie verantwortungsvolle Führung zu Zeiten der Corona Pandemie, OKRs als Spiegel von Unternehmenskulturen und über...
S2E7 Lucas Sauberschwarz - CEO Venture Idea: Wie innovative Unternehmen Krisen erfolgreich bewältigen
54 Minuten
Als Direktor des Center for Corporate Innovation am SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen, CEO der Unternehmensberatung Venture Idea, Bestsellerautor und Keynote-Speaker gilt Lucas Sauberschwarz als einer der führenden Experten in den Bereichen Strate...
S2E6: "You Ask, We Answer": How to build a winning team for an effective OKR rollout
27 Minuten
Welcome to the second episode of "You Ask, We Answer",  the new category of the Superkinetics podcast. In this series, we gather your questions from the Workpath Community and invite experts to answer them. In this episode, we talk to Simon Bock, Hea...