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Sweat Elite Podcast


#108 - Coach's Corner - How do I Implement a Half Marathon Race Into a Marathon build?
41 Minuten
Coach's Corner with Sweat Elite Coaching Academy's Jack Halsey this week answers 6 common questions we receive at the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy. More information on the Sweat Elite Coaching Academy: https://www.sweat-elite-coaching.com/...
#107 - Philipp Pflieger - Reflections on a Career Racing the World's Best Marathoners
1 Stunde 37 Minuten
German Olympic Marathoner and Adidas Athlete Philipp Pflieger speaks with us from the Top4Running Berlin HQ a day after completing his final race as a professional athlete at the Berlin Half Marathon 2023. Philipp shares lessons learned from a...
#106 - Cam Levins - How to Run a 2:05 Marathon
54 Minuten
Cam Levins joins the Sweat Elite Podcast and shares everything that goes into preparing to win a Major Marathon - in Cam's case the Tokyo Marathon where the Canadian National Record Holder was in the lead at the 40km mark and was just out kicke...
#105 - Grete Koens - Coach @ Valley Running Club
1 Stunde 5 Minuten
Grete Koens - coach at Valley Running Club is the coach of many of Europe's fastest distance runners including Diane Van Es who recently broke the Dutch National 10km road record (30:29) at the age of 23. In this conversation Grete shares insig...
#104 - Nell Rojas: Deep Dive - Boston Marathon Prep [Preview: Premium Podcast Channel]
This is a preview episode from Sweat Elite's new Premium Podcast Channel. To listen to all episodes at the Sweat Elite Premium Podcast Channel, become a member of the Sweat Elite Youtube Channel or a Subscriber at Sweatelite.co. Both options su...

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Interviews with Elite Athletes, Professional Coaches, Sport Scientists and Thought Leaders in the Sport of Running.

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