Josh Leo’s – A Month in Germany

Josh Leo’s – A Month in Germany

In August of 2005, I went on a trip to Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. I toured these countries for a full month with a friend who lives in Germany. I saw many interesting things and had many enjoyable experiences as I travelled. This blog is a...


Day 9 – Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven
Tall Ships The big event for the weekend was going to Bremerhaven where the “tall ship festival” was going on. Basically it is a bunch of giant old fashioned ships with sails that travel to different ports all over the world. Dirk was excited because...
Day 8 – Train Travel & the Dünenhof
Today was not the most exciting day of the trip. We caught an early morning train out of Marburg and started making our way up towards Cuxhaven. We transferred in Kassel and got on the ICE the InterCityExpress is a really fast train that streaks acro...
Day 7 – Marburg
A Day Out in Marburg Dirk and I woke up and took our time getting ready. As I was getting ready, I realized how strange all the outlets and light switches looked to me. I mean, sure the outlets have different sized plugs, but the whole faceplate etc...
Here We Go!!!
A Month in Germany
Day 5 – Guben to Mücke
Travel Day We were going to be riding the train for a long time. We had to travel from Guben to Mücke where Dirk’s friend Darius (Günni) lives. Mücke is a little south of Marburg, the city where Dirk was going to be living while at the university. Th...

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