Are humans being replaced by AI? (reupload, better audio quality)
29 Minuten
10 Dinge, die ich an der Osteopathie hasse
23 Minuten
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How wellness can make you unwell
17 Minuten
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Wie die toxische Yoga- und Wellnesswelt dich krank machen kann
21 Minuten
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How to stop hating your body
23 Minuten
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Über diesen Podcast

Embark on a transformative journey as we explore burnout, stress, the nervous system, and holistic healing in this engaging podcast. Discover the intricate connection between mental and physical health, delve into the workings of the autonomous nervous system, and uncover the power of alternative medicine and osteopathy. This podcast delves into the complexities of burnout and stress, offering practical strategies for managing and overcoming these challenges. We explore the vital role of the nervous system in our overall well-being, shedding light on its impact on resilience and vitality.

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