The Music of Middle-Earth

The Music of Middle-Earth

Exploring Music and Tolkien


Soundscapes of Middle-earth VII: Tom Bombadil
45 Minuten
Soundscapes of Middle-earth VII! Welcome to The House of Tom Bombadil! Narration, Frodo, Pippin, and Merry performed by: Tyler Jonsson Tom Bombadil: Phil Dragash Goldberry: Shersten the Golden DON'T MISS THE KICKSTARTER: https:/...
A Long-Expected Soundscape!!
9 Minuten
Hello everyone! A very special announcement for my Kickstarter! If you have a moment, have a look at the link! I think every Tolkien fan will be excited about this project and I think you will be even more excited if you enjoy my Soundscapes...
Episode 49: Gondor Reborn
29 Minuten
Gondor 5/5: Gondor Reborn. Today we wrap up our countdown to Tolkien Reading Day as well as our time with Gondor! Enjoy this last of the Gondor themes as well as a special mid-mark on Edge of Night!
Episode 48: Battlefield Heroism
30 Minuten
Gondor 4/5: Battlefield Heroism. Today we are joined again by Alan Sisto to talk about Hope and Dispair! We also get to see Howard Shore take a somewhat musical trope and put it to very creative and exciting use!
Episode 47: Faramir and Denethor
27 Minuten
Gondor 3/5: Faramir and Denethor. Today we hear a theme on the pan flute! We also get to learn about Faramir's quality.. from none other than the Man of the West! Alan Sisto!

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Take a deep dive into Howard Shore's Score for Peter Jackson's adaptation of Lord of The Rings! We explore Tolkien's writing, history, and composition!

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