The Digital Freemason

The Digital Freemason

The Digital Freemason is a weekly podcast that presents Masonic education usually presented in King George Lodge #59 (Calgary, Alberta) or by King George brethren outside of the lodge. Generally, it is a issued each Sunday evening, time permitting.


 tdf005 - Masonic Colours and Their Symbolism (21 Nov 2005)
Colours have so large a place in the customs of the craft that inevitably the question arises "did ancient symbolism inspire the colors of Masonry or were they chosen and the symbolism then found to fit them?"
 tdf007 - A Ramble through Our Ritual (05 Dec 2005)
Probably one of the first things that strikes the newly-made Mason is the number of strange or unusual words used in our ceremonies. Unfortunately, far too many Masons have not taken the trouble to find out the real meanings of these words, consequen...
 tdf001 - What Younger Masons Really Want (24 Oct 2005)
"During the time I have been a Freemason I have been told by many older experienced Freemasons that we have to make it easier for young guys to join. I've been told that the decline in membership is partially due to it being to hard for young men to...
 TDF002 - Ashlars: Rough and Smooth (31 Oct 2005)
"In every Masonic Lodge room there is the Rough Ashlar and the Perfect Ashlar, placed there for us to "moralize on". These two and the Trestle Board constitute our Movable Jewels. What is their significance, what do they have to do with Freemasonry,...
 tdf003 - The History of the Poppy (07 Nov 2005)
"Each November, millions of poppies blossom in Canada. They blossom on the jackets, dresses and hats of nearly half the Canadian population and they have blossomed over 80 years, since 1921. The poppy is the symbol that individuals use to show that t...

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Masonic education presented as found through various traditional and modern mediums.

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