Informationsintegration (WS 2019/20) - tele-TASK

Informationsintegration (WS 2019/20) - tele-TASK

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Data Quality
vor 1 Jahr
1 Stunde 25 Minuten
Duplicate Detection Part 3 & Data Quality
1 Stunde 25 Minuten
Duplicate Detection Part 2 (Camera Only)
1 Stunde 31 Minuten
Duplicate Detection
1 Stunde 20 Minuten
Bucket Algorithmus
1 Stunde 32 Minuten

Über diesen Podcast

Information integration is the merging of heterogeneous information from various data sources to a homogenous, clean dataset. This lecture introduces this ever-important topic. It will cover the basic technologies, such as distributed database architectures, techniques for virtual and materialized integration, and data cleansing technologies.

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