Embodiment Time

Embodiment Time


15. Christine Wushke and Lisa Elliot - Nervous System Resources During Pandemic Times
1 Stunde 50 Minuten
In this talk we met with Christine and Lisa to discuss and share some trauma-informed and body-oriented nervous system resources during the COVID 19 pandemic. This talk was recorded during the beginning of the pandemic in April, but still feels perti...
14. kaila June - The Body Always Shows Us the Way
1 Stunde 25 Minuten
In this talk, Kaila June begins sharing her story, how she grew up in her mom’s dance studio and how much influence that environment had in her life and career choices. She talks about her experience traveling with “La Caravana Arcoiris para la Paz”...
13. Matthew Remski - Modern Yoga, From Cult Dynamics to Accountability, Discernment and Healing
2 Stunden 1 Minute
In this talk, Matthew Remski and I discuss many of the multilayered abuse issues in the modern postural yoga scene, as well as in other high demand groups that he covers in his book “Practice and All Is Coming”. We talk about the inheritance of inter...
12. Mark Walsh - Moving Beyond Mindfulness
1 Stunde 32 Minuten
In this talk, Mark talks about the failures of the modern postural yoga and how he used the opportunity to turn criticism into action by creating the Embodied Yoga Principles. We talked about guru abuse, cultural differences, trauma, and how these th...
11. Abby Corriveau - Inclusivity, Accessibility and Sustainability in Movement
1 Stunde 16 Minuten
In this talk, Abby takes us in the fascinating evolution of her personal movement journey, from external and structured, towards her current approach. In the telling of her own story and how she went through Personal Training, Ashtanga Yoga, Body Com...

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Embodiment Time is a podcast hosted by Magdalena Weinstein, and dedicated to the evolution of yoga, movement and somatic practices, interviewing a wide variety of contemporary yoga teachers, movement specialists, brain based trainers, coaches and other educators of embodiment practices like Yoga Nidra, Somatic Experiencing and Body work. The time for embodiment is now.

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