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English LingQ Podcast

Learn English from the EnglishLingQ podcast. Each episode can be studied using the learning tools available at LingQ.com.


English LingQ Podcast #11: Learning Languages with @Matt vs. Japan
Want to study this episode as a lesson on LingQ? Give it a try! In today’s episode Elle chats with Matt of the YouTube channel Matt Vs Japan about his journey to Japanese fluency, how he dealt with setbacks and his exciting new project for 2021. Elle...
English LingQ Podcast #10: Cancel Culture with Steve Kaufmann
Want to study this episode as a lesson on LingQ? Give it a try! Steve Kaufmann had his own run in with cancel culture on Twitter recently. Check out the latest episode of the English LingQ Podcast to find out what happened and what Steve thinks of ca...
English LingQ Podcast #9: Wellness, Self Care and Going Sober in 2021 II
Study this episode and any others from the LingQ English Podcast on LingQ! Click Here In part two of their chat about wellness in 2021 Shelby and Elle talk more about how they’re staying off the booze and making time (or trying) to exercise. Shelby:...
Steve and Alex – Confidence (Part 2)
Want to study this episode as a lesson on LingQ? Give it a try! Alex: Yeah, totally. I think about a month ago I started riding my brother’s scooter and I had never ridden a scooter before. So, obviously, the first few hours on it were a little wobbl...
Steve and Alex – Multilingualism (Part 2)
This and all episodes of this podcast are available to study as a lesson on LingQ. Try it here. Alex: I think that’s definitely true. I mean, from my own experience as well, I think my background in learning Korean has absolutely helped with my abili...

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Vera (Gast) : vor 14 Jahren
Diese Minserie "Who is she" liefert eine Menge Wortschatz und Redewendungen. Besonders toll finde ich, dass man bei LingQ dann gleichzeitig hören und lesen kann. Ich konnte mein Englisch schon deutlich verbessern. Aber auch die Gespräce mit Steve sind interessant und gut verständlich.