Crystal Cabin meets...

Crystal Cabin meets...


Crystal Cabin meets…Bill Peterson & Teresa King - Episode 4 – Cabin innovation product development & testing at The Boeing Company
29 Minuten
This time we meet two of our former Crystal Cabin Award applicants and winners, Bill Peterson, Leader of the Cabin Design and Products Teams and Teresa King, Cabin Integration Leader, both from The Boeing Company. Our conversation revolves mainly aro...
Crystal Cabin meets…Mark Broekhans & Prof Peter Vink - Episode 3 – The future of flying experience
38 Minuten
Shortly before this extraordinary year 2020 comes to an end, we meet one of our Crystal Cabin Award Judging Panel Members Prof Peter Vink from the Delft University of Technology, and Mark Broekhans, Technical & working process engineer with KLM Royal...
Crystal Cabin meets…Helge Sachs and David Voskuhl - Episode 2 – Inspiring for touchless travel.
18 Minuten
This time we meet our former finalist Dr Helge Sachs and David Voskuhl from Germany based Diehl Aviation. Our conversation revolves mainly around touchless travel and Diehl’s touchless aircraft cabin features. This Episode is curated by Carmen Krause...
Crystal Cabin meets…Elliot Kreitenberg and Bob Lenz - Episode 1 – What UV-C light can do for a safe and clean air travel.
32 Minuten
Today we meet our former finalist Elliot Kreitenberg from California based Dimer LLC together with his cooperation partner Bob Lenz from Honeywell International. We talk about their Honeywell UV Cabin System, which allows to clean the aircraft cabin...

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„Crystal Cabin meets… – the podcast where aircraft interiors experts talk about latest trends, success stories and the industries’ future. Compiled by the Crystal Cabin Award, the only international award for excellence in aircraft interior innovation.

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