Game of Throw-Ins * The Football Podcast

Game of Throw-Ins * The Football Podcast


EUROulette #4 *Special Edition*
26 Minuten
Yeah we know... We're late. We're so late that even Real Madrid's fax machine is more punctual than us... BUT: this is a special one. Not José - even better! Did you ever wanted an insight look into a lads chat group to see what they're up to?...
EUROulette #3
vor 2 Monaten
41 Minuten
Womp womp woooooomp... Episode 3 of EUROulette is here and so is the sad trumpet! EURO2020 predictions plus some more awkward me time-banter and of course our wheel is back! Tune in for the latest episode of Game of Throw-Ins!
EUROulette #2
vor 2 Monaten
32 Minuten
Ever heard of players like Homeless, Azerbaijan or Hundohan? No? Well, then you should definitely tune in for the 2nd episode of Game of Throw-Ins' "EUROulette"! The lads are spinning the wheel again and bringing the best & worst TV coverage...
EUROulette #1
vor 3 Monaten
49 Minuten
Ratatatatataaaa! Welcome to the Game Of Throw-Ins EUROulette! This first episode of our mini-series is full of laughter, half-naked podcasters, questionable sign language, bets about pineapples, the best footy tunes and of course lots of...
GOTI Push 01 - The Super Greed
1 Stunde 6 Minuten
The news broke. They broke the internet. They went mad. And so did we. So it was time for a new format - a way to react quickly. So Game Of Throw-Ins Push was born. And for the first episode we were joined by fellow Podcaster and Arsenal fan Lee Attr...

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We talk everything football. Everything about football, inside of football, outside of football, underneath football and we would probably even talk to a football... and just to say it again: football.

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