Rosenweider Echo
vor 11 Jahren
A Rickenbacker played through delay comes along with drums and guitar. These guys are called MOONPATROL. Recorded in 2003.
Hard Puncher
vor 11 Jahren
Tokai Hard Puncher from 1980 on three tracks.
Idee 03
vor 11 Jahren
Some acoustics, stingrays and hip hop beats.
100 years later
vor 11 Jahren
Martin Luther King fitted perfectly on my basswork. This was an accident.
POWERROCK - Fab on mic
d.i.c.s.h.e on guitars and Rickenbacker 4001, garageBand on drums, Fab* the MOONPATROL trainee from AGROOVEMENT on vocals. This recording is 2005.

Über diesen Podcast

Bass, Bass and some Bass - www.moonpatrol.de - mostly first takes

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