Sky Wave Radio Hosted By Petko Turner

Sky Wave Radio Hosted By Petko Turner

2022 Sabbatical 2021 Audi Dome, BMW World, Corl…


Bitter Sweet (Petko Turner's Believing In Love Edit)Re-Up Free DL
6 Minuten
Billy Ocean - Bitter Sweet It's A Mr. Turner Edit DL = Somebody Is been playing With my feelings My sensitivity Don't stop believing Don't stop believing in love Ow darling But...
Podcast - Every Week Mix 066 - France 2012 Edition - Rare Live Mix
1 Stunde 15 Minuten
A Rare Live Mix By Mr. Turner Antonio Del Sordo - Pink Panther Alpha Blondy - Brigadier Sabari (Petko Turner RM Edit) Warren G. - Regulate - (Dancefloor Outlaws) Azari & II - Reckless With Your Love (Mr. Turner's Tensnake In Full Edit) Mantronix - Go...
Is There Any Love (Mr. Turner's Maxi Version)
5 Minuten
Twin Shadow - Is There Any Love American synth pop/new wave musician born in 1983 in the Dominican Republic.
The Mixdoctor - October Funk (1985) free DL
14 Minuten
Mixdoctor is an alias of British DJ/producer Les Adams. Died: September 2nd 2019 of a heart attack. Enjoy: Rene & Angela – I'll Be Good Rene & Angela – Save Your Love (Rap) Princess – Say I'm Your No. 1 Collage – Romeo Where's Juliet? Strafe – React...
Sweet Dreams X Good Ones (Petko Turner's Eva Mash Up Remix)
4 Minuten
Eurythmics X Charli XCX Sweet Dreams X Good Ones An Eva Mash Up Remix By Mr. Turner 3 DL > Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree? I've traveled the world and the seven seas Everybody's lookin' for someth...

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2022 Sabbatical 2021 Audi Dome, BMW World, Corleone, Eklektik, Park Cafe, Bahnwärter Thiel, FM4, BBC, Disco Bizarre Beach, Sugar Mountain, Cassiopeia, Baia, Monte Baldo, Les Catacombes, Gucci, Dior, Kitty , Panne, Kunst Block Balve, Easy Tiger, Lucy's Sky, Ess-Zimmer 2020 Sisyphos, 3sat BR, BBC6, Kunst Block Balve, Corleone, la boum FM4, Olympia MCH, Senatore, Bahnwärter Thiel, Disco Bizarre, BMW World, Audi Dome, Park Cafe, Maroto, Easy Tiger, Krake, Bar Tausend, Kitty, Panne Celeste, Heuer, Tod's, Black Market, Mr. Turner released on Basspatrol / Ninja Tune / Solaris / Gouranga / Disco In Spa / Hator / Slightly Transformed, World Tribe Records / Astroleads Records / JMJ... For booking & edit/remix requests pls contact: Who Is Mr Turner? Deejay, Audio Editor, Remixer & Ghost-Produce He is known to work and perform under several different aliases If You Love Music, This Is Your Dj! He's Not Only The Head Of Two Music Labels. This Dj Plays A Wild Night Out. Turner Has More Styles As You Know. Turner Is Still Spinning The Wheels Of Steel Since 1988. Turner's Calling Card To The Rest Of The Club World Is That His Creations Don't Need An Introduction. There Are An Infinite Number Of Variations And Improvisation On These Timeless Mixes. Productions And Edits Are Dressed Up With Old School, Nu Skool And The Brilliant Final Touch: A Jazzy Ground To Near Dust. Extended Mixes Are A Life-Participation. He Put The Songs On A Finishing Touch Of Beats, Breaks And Scratches To An Atmospheric And Crispy Sound With The Goal To Suit Your Taste. Countries Where He Spinned The Wheels: Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Catalonia, China, Croatia, Czech, England, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Netherlands , Poland, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam.

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