Fascinated with Lea Skapetze

Fascinated with Lea Skapetze


MIND UPLOADING - the way to becoming a machine?
36 Minuten
Today I'm talking about THE most fascinating topic ever - uploading a human mind. How this should function and what a world of so-called "Emulated Minds" could look like - this is what I'm talking about today. I have first read about this in the foll...
The ten most fascinating people I follow on IG
29 Minuten
COME BACK STRONGER… :-) After 5 weeks of taking a break from producing content I am now back - stronger than ever. In today's first episode in the era of "Fascinated with Lea Skapetze" I am talking about what actually fascinates me the most on planet...
#48 TEN travel starups you should better keep in mind
27 Minuten
Innovative startups that are disrupting the industry - this is nothing new but it is very interesting when it comes to how this happened and happens in the travel industry. I have looked up 10 startups that are making waves and that people have inves...
#47 Will we all do space travelling in the future?
21 Minuten
Space travelling - something that is only available to scientists and trained autronauts, isn't it? Well, not quite. Because there are technological developments that allow prohibitions of a very bright future for space tourism! What the current situ...
#46 How can travel agencies survive in days of Uber and Airbnb?
17 Minuten
Platforms like Uber and Airbnb have fundamentally changed the way we look at travelling. The DIY-Travellers are getting a serious problem for any travel agencies - so is there anything they can do so that they will survive as primarily non-digital bu...

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