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The Official Ghost-Hat Productions podcast channel, home of "Top Shelf: AFI Top 100", "Super Happy Funtime" and "The Midnight Sleuth".


Top Shelf - AFI Top 100: #90 - Swing Time
We review film #90: "Swing Time"...the 1936 film where having a lucky quarter and being able to dance, means you immediately can swoon the random stranger in the street and make you change your marriage plans.
Super Happy Fun Time - Episode 16: Puerto Rican Spray On Tans
On this episode we talk about STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and the awesomeness that is it! Also THE GREAT GATSBY in 3D and...sigh...the XBOX ONE...whatever the hell that is.
Top Shelf - AFI Top 100: #91 - Sophie's Choice
We review film #91: "Sophie's Choice"...the 1982 drama about Sophie, her extended flashbacks, crazy boyfriend, and a southern novelist downstairs. The choice isn't what you think.
Super Happy Fun Time - Episode 15: I Got Nothing
On this episode we talk about IRON MAN 3, so...SPOILERS! Don't listen if you dont want an amazing Marvel action film ruined because...yeah, we spoil the living crap out of it.
Super Happy Fun Time - Episode 14: Fill In Your Title Here
On this episode we talk about personal stuff, JURASSIC PARK 3D and kids who weren't around when it came out originally, as well as the trailers for films we're excited to see.

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The Ghost-Hat Network is home to many podcasts covering all aspects of pop culture and entertainment. We watch all films on the AFI Top 100 list on "Top Shelf: AFI Top 100". We find badly made but still awesome movies from Netflix on "Bottom of the Barrel". Listen to our original, old time radio serial style show "The Midnight Sleuth" and more! This is the central channel if you want to subscribe to all podcasts hosted on the Ghost-Hat Network. If you want to subscribe to the individual shows, you can on their respective channels.

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