BitJam Episode #221 - Versus - The Challengers
Episode #221 - Versus - The Challengers Autumn is drummin'. Grab your favourite chair and listen to the Amiga musicians challengers of Versus in cooperation with BitFellas. This is part 2, part 1 with the best musicians in the world can be found here...
BitJam Episode #220 - Versus - Best 15 of 2018
Episode #220 – Versus - Best 15 of 2018 It's summer time! No matter if you chill in the garden, dive in the ocean or get your tan from the monitor. BitFellas and Versus staff compiled a juicy set of the best Amiga musicians from 2018. Mixed and comp...
BitJam Episode #219 - Versus
Episode #219 – Versus We teamed up with Versus to dedicate a BitJam Episode to Amiga composers and to celebrate the release of Versus #8 DiskMag. Still a bit of time left until release, You can vote for the artists presented in the pod or some other...
BitJam Episode #218 - 2016 In The Mix - Demo Tracks
Episode #218 – 2016 In The Mix - Demo Tracks BitJam Podcast is back with the In The Mix series. Tune in and enjoy Demo Tracks from the year 2016. Mixed and compiled by Salinga, logo by KF
BitJam Episode #217 - Evoke is 20 - Best of Selection
Episode #217 – Best of Evoke Evoke is 20 this year, so here comes another selection with our favourite tracks. Mixed by Vincenzo, logo by Oni, compiled by Teo

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