Poster Drop Episode 14 - It got bees!
1 Stunde 7 Minuten
@jamesjamesjamescreative joins me today and we talk about the latest and greatest from the poster world which inlcudes an exclusive look at the @ampposters 30x30 show and their last posters! So many other things have happened as well and we wil...
REVIEWS - Episode 10 - Astraverse! - Brahmastra, See How They Run, Zola, Alle für Ella, Eine Frau ist eine Frau
40 Minuten
-Show Notes- Brahmastra https://youtu.be/g7dTjZuwlAM See How They Run https://youtu.be/Q00qh7Ab6Mk Zola https://youtu.be/KB0EJrV6k2U Alle für Ella https://youtu.be/NNetLRMM7qk Eine Frau ist eine Frau https://yo...
TV & Film News - Episode 10 - Basic Karen?!?
38 Minuten
TV und Film News mit @julia_on_the_hill und Tom - News Items - Plan A Plan B, Theater of Thought, Next Goal Wins, D23, Inappropriate Behavior, Butch and Sundance, Blade Runner 2099, Full Circle, Wolf Pack, Emmys, The Karate Kid, Constanti...
REVIEWS - Episode 9 - Untertitel Woche - 3000 Years of Longing, Vikrant Rona, Das Glücksrad, Nope, Cleo
41 Minuten
-Show Notes- 3000 Years of Longing https://youtu.be/TWGvntl9itE Vikrant Rona https://youtu.be/VV9SfpGRVFw Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy https://youtu.be/SsOW5zzQ66k Nope https://youtu.be/In8fuzj3gck Cleo - Mittwoch...
TV & Film News - Episode 9 - Pete Davidson huh?
39 Minuten
TV und Film News mit @julia_on_the_hill und Tom - News Items - Biosphere, Causeway, Raymond and Ray, Dead for a Dollar, Wildwood, La Maquina, The English, Tulsa King, Bupkis, Dumb Money, The Swimmers, The Whale, What to Watch -Show No...

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