From Our Own Correspondent

From Our Own Correspondent


FOOC 23 Aug 2014: A Poet at War
Foreign correspondents. Today: can a meeting of presidents halt the fighting in eastern Ukraine? Why the international health workers who've come to tackle the Ebola virus in west Africa are not always welcome. Deported from the US - and back home in...
FOOC Aug 16 2014: A Shopping List for Cuba
Despatches from correspondents: Why should the west intervene with aid or arms? It's a question asked by our reporter in northern Iraq. The six-year-olds in Gaza who've already lived through three wars. Awesome sights and stressful moments as the Pan...
FOOC Aug 09 2014: A Footnote to Conflict
Foreign correspondents tell their stories - in this edition, discussions in Israel about the conflict in Gaza, Tim Whewell; why the Turkish prime minister seems set to become the country's new president, Natalie Martin; why Argentina's demanding that...
FOOC Aug 02 2014:
Despatches by reporters around the world. In this edition, Chris Morris, who was in Gaza twenty years ago, returns to chronicle how things 'have got worse, much worse'. Claudia Hammond, in Cyprus, on the latest attempts to find out what happened to t...
FOOC 26 July 2014: Last Night in Gaza
Correspondents tell their stories: a week in Gaza, Paul Adams; on the night train from Kiev to Donetsk, Gabriel Gatehouse; trouble in the vineyards of Moldova, Stephen Sackur; how the US city which brought us Campbell's Soup fell into decline, Sophie...

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