#4 with Selin Sayek Böke from Türkiye

#4 with Selin Sayek Böke from Türkiye

Selim Böke and Petra Bayr discuss CHP's recent election victory in Turkey on Vienna Calling, emphasizing the party's focus on progressive values like human rights and democracy, with plans to translate local success into national politics.
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In a recent episode of Vienna Calling, Petra Bayr speaks with
Selim Böke about the recent local elections in Turkey and the
significant win of leftist parties. Selim explains that their
party, CHP, has now become the first party in Turkey and is set
to govern 409 municipalities, reaching two-thirds of the
population and three-quarters of economic activity. This victory
signifies a shift towards progressive values and a focus on human
rights, democracy, and the rule of law, contrasting with the
current government's pressures in those areas. Selim attributes
their success to a campaign focused on connecting with people's
sentiments and needs, especially after a loss of hope following
previous elections. The party's response to economic crises,
genuine social policies, and a rejection of polarizing politics
played crucial roles in their triumph. By emphasizing
coalition-building with the people rather than political elites,
CHP managed to resonate with voters and convey a message of
change and responsibility. Looking ahead, Selim believes that the
local election results have broader implications for Turkish
democracy, with newfound checks and balances and a shift towards
more inclusive and effective social and economic policies. The
party's focus is now on translating their success at the local
level into national politics, ensuring that representatives
uphold the progressive values and commitments that garnered
public support. Reflecting on the lessons learned from the
elections, Selim emphasizes the importance of unity and
solidarity among progressive forces, both within Turkey and
across Europe. By standing together and promoting shared values,
progressives can counter the rise of authoritarianism and
polarization, ultimately working towards a more inclusive and
equitable society. The conversation ends on a hopeful note, with
a mutual eagerness to continue collaborations and build on the
momentum of positive change.

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