#2: Alice Ackermann

#2: Alice Ackermann

Alice Ackermann discusses enshrining abortion rights in the French constitution on Vienna Calling, emphasizing protecting women's rights and the power of partnerships in advocacy campaigns. She highlights optimism for global change led by women.
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Alice Ackermann, former board member of Le Planning Familial, is
interviewed by Petra Bayr on the podcast Vienna Calling. They
discuss the recent decision by the French parliament to enshrine
the right to abortion in the French constitution. Alice explains
the importance of this move in protecting women's rights,
especially in the face of potential attacks by far-right
extremists. She outlines the advocacy campaign led by feminist
organizations to raise awareness and garner support for this
constitutional change.

Alice details the obstacles faced in convincing politicians and
society of the necessity of enshrining abortion rights in the
constitution. The campaign involved showcasing the increase in
attacks on abortion rights in France and highlighting the support
of the majority of the French population for this change.
Collaboration among stakeholders, including politicians and
feminist organizations, was key to the success of the

The podcast delves into the strategies employed, such as sharing
personal stories of abortion, engaging politicians and
celebrities, and conducting a widespread digital campaign. Alice
emphasizes the importance of building strong partnerships and
developing a compelling argumentative framework to advocate for
similar changes in other countries. She shares a touching moment
where female politicians from opposing parties united to support
the cause, showcasing the power of collaboration in advancing
women's rights.

Alice shares a humorous anecdote about how elderly male senators
were swayed by pressure from their young female relatives to
support the bill. This underscores the influence of women in
shaping political decisions. Petra congratulates Alice on the
success of the campaign in France and expresses hope that other
countries will follow suit in safeguarding women's right to
abortion. The interview ends with mutual appreciation and well
wishes, highlighting the importance of sharing experiences and
knowledge to effect positive change.

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