#5 Lölja Nordic

#5 Lölja Nordic

Lölja Nordic talks feminist anti-war resistance with Petra Bayr on Vienna Calling podcast. Emphasizes need for international support, warns against Russian interference, envisions post-Putin Russia.
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Lölja Nordic, an activist and artist from St. Petersburg, joins
Petra Bayr on the Vienna Calling podcast to discuss her
involvement in the feminist anti-war resistance movement. Lölja
explains her recent protest against Vladimir Putin's fifth
inauguration in front of the Austrian Parliament, emphasizing the
importance of amplifying the voices of Russian activists unable
to speak out. She delves into the complexities of resistance in
Russia, highlighting the collaboration between activists within
and outside the country through online channels. The discussion
extends to the challenges faced by Russian civil society and the
need for international support, particularly from countries like
Austria. Lölja urges Austria to address its dependence on Russian
fossil fuels and push for greater backing of Russian civil
society in the face of growing repression. The conversation
touches upon the financial ties between Austria and Russia,
emphasizing the need to reduce support for Putin's regime and
redirect resources towards promoting democracy and independence.
The conversation shifts to the influence of right-wing politics
and the Kremlin's interest in backing conservative parties
globally. Lölja warns of potential Russian interference in
elections through media manipulation and funding of right-wing
groups. The discussion underlines the link between supporting
right-wing politicians and advancing Putin's agenda, highlighting
the need to combat such influences to uphold democratic values.
Lölja also addresses the impact of Kremlin funding on anti-gender
and anti-choice movements in Europe, emphasizing the need to
counter such influences on equal rights. The conversation
concludes with a vision for a post-Putin Russia, acknowledging
the complexities and challenges that lie ahead in transitioning
to a more democratic society. Petra expresses solidarity and
support for Lölja's activism, emphasizing the importance of
ongoing collaboration in the resistance movement.

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