My Daily Phrase German

My Daily Phrase German

Learn German day by day, step by step, phrase by phrase with this daily podcast from Radio Lingua International


Radio Lingua Network News: 26 September 2008
Happy European Day of Languages to all our listeners! By way of joining in this international celebration of languages and language-learning we're delighted to introduce eight new podcasts today. We're adding Catalan, Danish, French, Japanese, Mandar...
Radio Lingua Network News: 5 September 2008
The latest news from Radio Lingua including details of Coffee Break Spanish arrangements, new podcasts launched this autumn and the Radio Lingua video contest in which you can win an iPod.
Radio Lingua Network News: 8 January 2008
One Minute Languages Courses are now available as premium podcasts with lesson guides and enhanced podcasts.
Radio Lingua Network News: 24 December 2007
In this edition: Radio Lingua Store sale, details about One Minute Irish, plans for 2008 and exciting news from iTunes Best of 2007 lists.
Radio Lingua Network News: 25 November 2007
Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buenas tardes, Buona sera! This is Mark from the Radio Lingua Network and I'm here to bring you some of the latest news about our language-learning materials. Since our last news podcast there have been quite a number of develo...

Über diesen Podcast

Teacher Catriona will guide you through the basics of the German language by introducing you to basic German in daily podcasts.

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