Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik - Open Access LMU - Teil 02/03

Mathematik, Informatik und Statistik - Open Access LMU - Teil 02/03


Generalized Additive Models with Unknown Link Function Including Variable Selection
The generalized additive model is a well established and strong tool that allows to model smooth effects of predictors on the response. However, if the link function, which is typically chosen as the canonical link, is misspecified, substantial bias...
On the Procrustean analogue of individual differences scaling (INDSCAL)
In this paper, individual differences scaling (INDSCAL) is revisited, considering INDSCAL as being embedded within a hierarchy of individual difference scaling models. We explore the members of this family, distinguishing (i) models, (ii) the role of...
Global permutation tests for multivariate ordinal data: alternatives, test statistics, and the null dilemma
We discuss two-sample global permutation tests for sets of multivariate ordinal data in possibly high-dimensional setups, motivated by the analysis of data collected by means of the World Health Organisation's International Classification of Function...
Clustering in linear mixed models with approximate Dirichlet process mixtures using EM algorithm
In linear mixed models, the assumption of normally distributed random effects is often inappropriate and unnecessarily restrictive. The proposed approximate Dirichlet process mixture assumes a hierarchical Gaussian mixture that is based on the trunca...
Variable selection with Random Forests for missing data
Variable selection has been suggested for Random Forests to improve their efficiency of data prediction and interpretation. However, its basic element, i.e. variable importance measures, can not be computed straightforward when there is missing data....

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