Maths: 10 Nicolas Bourbaki
The mathematician that never was. Professor Marcus du Sautoy describes the life and mathematics of an elusive hero. The collected works of Bourbaki represents one of the most ambitious enterprises in mathematical history: an attempt to unify shape...
Maths: 09 Hardy and Ramanujan
A mathematical romance. Professor Marcus du Sautoy describes how a passion for prime numbers united a Cambridge professor and an unknown Indian clerk.
Maths: 08 Henri Poincare
An embarassing error and the mathematics of chaos. Professor Marcus du Sautoy describes how a mistake in Poincare's working led him to an astonishing conclusion: some mathematical problems don't have a reliable solution.
Maths: 07 Georg Cantor
Infinity. Professor Marcus du Sautoy describes the troubled life of this radical mathematician who shocked his colleagues by proving there's more than one infinity. With contributions from Emeritus Professor of Mathematics Roger Penrose.
Maths: 06 The Mathematicians who helped Einstein
Seeing in four dimensions. Professor Marcus du Sautoy on the pioneers who pushed mathematics into new dimensions and the strange new geometries they created. Emeritus Professor Roger Penrose confirms that even Einstein sometimes struggled with hi...

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Professor of Mathematics Marcus du Sautoy reveals the personalities behind the calculations and argues that mathematics is the driving force behind modern science.

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