2 Pluto Retrograde: a meditation to retrieve your personal theme
24 Minuten
Could you use some gentle help in pinpointing your personal Pluto rx theme? I made you a meditation that does the trick!
1 Meet The Squad: Dina Wittfoth on navigating difficult emotions, Paradox, and waking the eff up (contains swearing, magic & laughter!)
58 Minuten
It's a Dina Episode! You get to know one of my bestest and most treasured friends - obvi a member of the Spirit Squad - Dr Dina Wittfoth. She's a Neuroscientist, emotions expert, counselor and coach, 'Ritual Bitch', a double Cancer Momma Bear and one...
0 Spirit Squad: intro, a little background, and the cutest sneeze in the podcast world, closing with a meditation to calm the eff down
31 Minuten
Hi Georgeous, Spirit Squad has been a lonng time coming, but the current Corona crisis made me kick this baby OFF! Sitting on my hands is not a virtue of mine. In this Episode, you get to know some bits and bobs about my background story. You learn a...

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