# 10.2 The Oater - Benjamin Auer

# 10.2 The Oater - Benjamin Auer

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In the second episode, Benjamin Auer (Benji) introduces us to the
company the oater, of which he is a co-founder. He founded it
during his engineering studies at the RWTH, where he continued to
run it alongside his semester abroad in America and is now based in
the InnoDome Cologne with the entire team. In this episode, you'll
get an impression of what the path to a startup looks like and what
tips Benji has for you if you're ready now. The episode is
characterised by lots of one-hand tips for us interested engineers,
what you should consider when networking, steps to founding a
company ... I found the two approaches on how to found a startup
particularly exciting, either as we found out in episode 6 with
Jonathan Vossen, you found a startup when you have an idea that
just makes sense. This episode is about an alternative path - the
interest in entrepreneurship and the will to pursue your dream here
to get into it. Enjoy this special episode. Simon Eckelt

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