#9 Embodied Flow - The Living Art of Yoga, Interview Tara Judelle

#9 Embodied Flow - The Living Art of Yoga, Interview Tara Judelle

1 Stunde 12 Minuten


vor 4 Jahren
This weeks podcast is an English episode, as Wanda has an
international guest on the show, one of her dear teachers: Tara
Judelle. Tara Judell is a well known, over 16 years experienced
yoga facilitator, co-creater of the yoga style Embodied flow, she
is a writer, a change agent and a really awesome human being. Wanda
studied over 3 years with Tara the style of Embodied Flow, during
the last training module in Greece Wanda had the chance to
interview Tara. In this episode they will speak about the creation
of the unique yoga style called Embodied Flow, which Tara
co-created with her partner Scott Lyons. They will speak about
Tantric Philosophy as one of the pillars of Embodied Flow, what is
Flow and Tara will guides us into a sweet meditation practice to
get a taste of what flow is. Tara will share with us how she keeps
herself inspired, what her personal selfcare practices as a yoga
facilitator are, teaching and holding space for hundreds of people
around the globe. Look forward to this weeks amazingly inspiring
episode. Website Tara: www.tarajudelle.com

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