#29 Heart to Heart Communication - Conversation with Sophie Parienti & Jean-Christophe Gabler

#29 Heart to Heart Communication - Conversation with Sophie Parienti & Jean-Christophe Gabler

1 Stunde 9 Minuten


vor 4 Jahren
In this episode Wanda is speaking with Sophie Parienti and
Jean-Christophe Gabler, relationship and communications coaches,
and the founder and editors of YOGI TIMES - an online lifestyle
guide for the modern yogi. They are also pioneers in the movement
of setting peoples souls on fire, shaking them up - with the energy
of love and connection in order to reach their highest potential.
They are married with a son, work and live together in Bali,
Indonesia. Sophie has been until today an important inspiration in
Wanda‘s life. She has been her coach during the years Wanda lived
in Bali. She has learned a lot about herself, relationships, and
the practice of non-violent communication. For Wanda the work with
Sophie and the art of Non - Violent Communication has changed her
relationships and her life greatly which is why she is super happy
now to be able to share this knowledge with you. May it support and
transform your communication in relationships for the greater. In
this podcast you will learn about: - the reasons why communication
in relationships is so challenging - the practice and technique of
Non-Violent-Communication ( NVC ) / in German language ( GFK ) -
what a 'heart to heart' communication means - how we can speak our
truth in a non-judgmental, non-accusing way - what are some secrets
to create an amazing, fulfilling relationship Get in touch with
Sophie & Jesse: www.sophieparienti.com YOGI TIMES:
www.yogitimes.com @yogitimes @yogitimes_bali ´Transformative
Communication Online course:

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