Bhakti Yoga: Krishna Das on Mantras & Devotion

Bhakti Yoga: Krishna Das on Mantras & Devotion

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177: In this heartfelt episode, Wanda sits down with Krishna Das,
the inspiring mantra and kirtan singer dubbed the “Chant Master of
American Yoga” by The New York Times. Krishna Das shares his
journey into Bhakti Yoga, his profound experiences with Neem Karoli
Baba (Maharajji), and the transformative power of kirtan and mantra
chanting. Join Wanda and Krishna Das as they explore the timeless
wisdom of Bhakti Yoga and the healing power of mantras. Krishna Das
recounts his travels with Ram Dass, his pilgrimage to India, and
the deep impact of meeting Maharajji. He discusses the practice of
devotion, and how it helps individuals connect deeply with their
hearts, transcending the mind and overcoming personal struggles.
Further topics touched in this episode: Importance of self-trust
and inner exploration Healing power of mantras and their impact on
daily life Insights on staying focused in a distracted world The
role of a guru in spiritual growth Tips for those new to chanting
and mantra practice Personal anecdotes and inspiring stories from
Krishna Das About Krishna Das Krishna Das is a world-renowned
kirtan singer, known for his unique blending of traditional Indian
chants with Western musical influences such as gospel, blues, and
rock. His deep, soulful voice has touched the hearts of millions
around the globe. Since releasing his first album in 1996, Krishna
Das has produced 16 full-length albums and was nominated for a
Grammy in 2013. He continues to offer kirtans, workshops, and
retreats worldwide, and has adapted to the digital age by hosting
weekly online satsangs. Find Krishna Das online: - Website: - Instagram: - Facebook: Upcoming events & tour
dates: - Find out more about
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