NLP Talks with Laura Evans

NLP Talks with Laura Evans


What’s next for the NLP Talks Podcast?
Whilst we may well be at the end of Series 4 of the podcast, tune in to hear your host, Laura Evans talk about all the awesome NLP guests we had in series 4. Missed any? No probs, hear Laura’s summary of series 4 and see who’d you like to go and chec...
What does ‘Unleash Your Potential’ mean to you?
In this bonus episode, you will hear what ‘Unleash Your Potential’ means to a number of our guests. It’s one of the last questions I ask my guests and it’s fascinating to hear what they all say. It’ll be like a trip down memory lane for our regular N...
Using NLP in Health & Fitness - the inner game that supports life-long health, fitness and wellbeing - featuring Jan Oxenham
Are you curious about the role mindset plays in health and fitness? Fed up with the stop/start traditional health and fitness approaches and looking for a new angle? Ever wondered how the inner game leads to longer term success? Jan Oxenham is not yo...
The 2020 Staff Party at Unleash Your Potential
23 Stunden 34 Minuten
I invite you to join me and my team as we celebrate Christmas and our highlights from 2020 both in our NLP training business and on the NLP Talks Podcast. Get to meet Lyn Farrow our Operations Manager and Colita Dainton our Marketing Manager as they...
Using NLP in Career Coaching - helping people get career success with transformational results - featuring Jane Baker
Are you curious about the difference NLP can make in Career Coaching?  Ever wondered how changing your mindset can help you get a promotion or change career?Perhaps you’re looking to understand how NLP can help you if you're being made redundant and...

Über diesen Podcast

Welcome to NLP Talks with Laura Evans a podcast for people looking to unleash their potential in business and life. Join Laura for insightful interviews with people who know first-hand how NLP changes lives and who offer you tips and strategies you can use immediately to help you clear your path to success. Laura is an International Trainer of NLP based in the UK, who’s been using NLP for over 10 years. If you're struggling with confidence, coaching ,sales, money / wealth, children, sport, business, or looking for personal/professional development - listen and start to Unleash Your Potential Today!

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