German Shopping Vocabulary | Deutschlerner Podcast Lesson #4
50 Minuten
Hallo, Deutschlerner. Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast: Lesson #4. Today we are going to continue on the road to passing the A1 exam from the Goethe Institut. I took apart their list of vocabulary topics that A1 German learners should be fa...
German Christmas Traditions (Holiday Bonus Podcast) | Deutschlerner Podcast Bonus Lesson #1
46 Minuten
Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast's YouTube channel! In this video, we present our first Bonus Lesson, where you'll learn how to talk about Christmas and all things Advent in German. Whether you are planning on visiting the Christkindlesmark...
111 German Expressions to Describe Yourself: Deutschlerner Podcast Episode #3
1 Stunde 10 Minuten
Hallo, Deutschlerner. Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast: Lesson #3. Today we are going to start dialing in the words and phrases that I introduce you to in each podcast. In the last two lessons I gave you basic survival type vocabulary and p...
125 Ordering, Traveling, & More Must-Know German Expressions: Deutschlerner Podcast Episode #2
46 Minuten
Hallo, Deutschlerner. Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast: Lesson #2. Today I’m going to introduce you to 125 words and phrases that every German learner must know. This lesson is the second in a series of simple listen and repeat exercises. I...
100 Essential Words and Phrases for Beginners: Deutschlerner Podcast Episode #1
41 Minuten
Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast: Lesson #1! In this video, Herr Antrim will introduce you to 100 essential words and phrases that every German learner must know. Whether you're a beginner or looking to brush up on your skills, this lesson...

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Welcome to the Deutschlerner Podcast, your go-to resource for learning German! Whether you're just starting your German learning journey or looking for a refresher, this podcast is designed to help you master the basics. Simply press play, listen, repeat and learn German! Hosted by Herr Antrim, a seasoned German language teacher with a passion for grammar and all things German learning, each episode of the Deutschlerner Podcast provides valuable insights, practical tips, and engaging content to enhance your German language skills. As a beginner-focused podcast, Herr Antrim understands the challenges and hurdles you might face when learning a new language. That's why he has curated this podcast to introduce you to the most fundamental vocabulary and phrases you'll need to communicate effectively in German. From greetings and introductions to everyday expressions and useful vocabulary, Herr Antrim has got you covered. With a friendly and approachable teaching style, Herr Antrim breaks down the words and phrases in an easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that you grasp the foundations of German pronunciation, grammar, and usage. Each concept is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it ideal for both self-study and classroom environments. This podcast is structured as a solo show, allowing you to focus on the content and absorb the lessons at your own pace. In each episode, we'll explore different themes, expand your vocabulary, and provide valuable context for real-life situations you may encounter while communicating in German. The Deutschlerner Podcast is specifically tailored for beginners who are eager to gain confidence and fluency in German. However, learners of all levels can benefit from the valuable insights and expert guidance shared throughout each episode. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply a language enthusiast, the Deutschlerner Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and practical language learning tips. Join us on this exciting language journey, as we equip you with the essential tools to navigate the German-speaking world. To access Episode 1 and start improving your German skills right away, visit Herr Antrim's website https://www.germanwithantrim.com/100-essential-words-and-phrases-for-beginners-deutschlerner-podcast-episode-1/. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review to let us know how we're doing. Thank you for choosing the Deutschlerner Podcast. Together, we'll unlock the doors to German fluency and open up a world of opportunities! Herr Antrim's Linktree: https://linktr.ee/herrantrim

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