Hello Diversity! Podcast

Hello Diversity! Podcast

Episode 2: What challenges and opportunities do w…


Episode 2.15 | Hello Analytical Innovations! with Anna Franziska Michel
29 Minuten
This episode features Anna Franziska Michel, tech ambassador and founder of yoona.ai. She is known for being one of the prominent voices advocating technology in the fashion industry and connecting digitalization with sustainability and better work l...
Episode 2.14 | Hello Digital Mind! with Julia Kounlavong
40 Minuten
This episode features Julia Kounlavong the founder of unwind your mind. Her mission is to equip every single person out there with the tools they need to find better stress coping mechanisms. Therefore she’s working on convincing everyone that stress...
Episode 2.13 | Hello Digital Filmmaking! with Franziska Pohlmann
34 Minuten
Today’s Eventually Walk the Talk series features Franziska Pohlmann, entrepreneur, screenwriter, director, film producer and composer. The host Franziska Schmitt discusses with Franziska how createF, the Female Founders Show, unfolded and to what ext...
Hello Live Podcast! with Dr. Maura McAdam and Emilia Theye
46 Minuten
“I am an Entrepreneur: clear it, take it, own it.” , so Prof. Dr. Maura McAdam at the first live Podcast at Einstein Digital; Future on Nov 24, 2022 in Berlin. Emilia Theye, founder clare&me shared “The biggest misperception to me is that it is an op...
Episode 2.12 | Hello Open Innovation! with Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger
31 Minuten
In today’s episode, Pauline talks to Dr. Aurelia Engelsberger, Co-Founder and CEO of the consulting company OMIND consulting and OMIND platform. The vision of OMIND is to create an open mindset for innovation and empower employees for knowledge excha...

Über diesen Podcast

Episode 2: What challenges and opportunities do women entrepreneurs face through digital innovation during their journey? And how can research in this field evolve discussions? The “Hello Diversity! Eventually Walk the Talk” Podcast conversations discuss entrepreneurial journeys, possibilities of digital innovation and current hurdles with technologies in venture creation processes - through 40-minute conversations with today’s leading entrepreneurs, practitioners, experts and scientists. Episode 1: Der Interviewpodcast für das facettenreiche Thema Diversität im Unternehmens- und Gründungskontext. Lerne von ExpertInnen, GründerInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen, wie unternehmerische Vielfalt Unternehmen fördern kann.

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