Episode 008 - Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing! A Conversation with Jeroen de Wit.
41 Minuten
Join the conversation with Jeroen de Wit and find out about past lives, in between lives, and your ability to remember all that you've forgotten. As a child, Jeroen retained an awareness of the more subtle layers of existence that we know s...
Episode 007 - Messages From The Other Side with Destiny Rael - Part 2
36 Minuten
Welcome to the second part of the Destiny Rael interview. This episode dives into communication from beyond. Happy and Destiny discuss their personal experiences with receiving messages from deceased loved ones. They share private experiences t...
Episode 006 - Talking Grief with Destiny Rael - Part 1
50 Minuten
This episode dives into the difficult topic of grief and death. Happy Ali and Destiny Rael talk about one of the most difficult topics in life. They share their own journey as they discuss the process of grief and some spiritual perspectives. D...
Episode 005 - What Are Dreams?
17 Minuten
This episode dives into the topic of dreams and different theories about what happens when we dream. Happy shares his own experience with premonition dreams and how predict many of his life events.
Episode 004 - A Conversation with Trevor Hansen and His Personal Journey of Connecting To Spirit Guides and Helping Others.
24 Minuten
This episodes dives into the idea that contact with spirit guides is more than possible. Psychic Medium and Transformational Coach, Trevor Hansen, explains the story of his initial contact with "Spirit," and his journey to help others. Trevor h...

Über diesen Podcast

The Happy Insights Podcast focuses on both spiritual and scientific answers to life's biggest questions such as: Where do we come from? What happens after we die? What are dreams? How do we live richer lives? How can we make more money? How much of reality is fixed and how much is flexible? Is there such a thing as destiny? What is a soulmate? How is our personality shaped? Can we reprogram our mind? Are we alone in the universe? Why is there so much suffering? How can I improve my relationships with others? These are just a few examples of ideas being discussed. This podcast was created for listeners with an open-mind with an immense amount of curiosity. Due to the limitations of scientific answers to questions that go beyond our physical world, there is great emphasis on different spiritual concepts and practices. There are many opinions and ideas shared but never intended as the only answer to the questioned pondered. We live in a world created through the perception of each individual, therefore, there are as many answers to each question as there are people on this planet. Happy Ali is a self-help Author, Spiritual Advisor, Life Purpose Coach, NLP Practitioner, with a degree in Psychology and lifetime of research into invisible laws that govern our spiritual universe. He is no stranger to personal tragedy and adversity, yet he is skilled at maintaining his happiness. This podcast is inspired by his desire to share his immense knowledge, countless techniques, and ability to maintain equilibrium in this crazy world. The goal of Happy Ali and his guests is to help listeners step into a peaceful world of wonder and utilize the knowledge to improve their lives.

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