This Most Unbelievable Life!

This Most Unbelievable Life!


Episode 69 - The Game of Space
1 Stunde 4 Minuten
We both play chess, but we’ve never played one another. It might be better that we never know who would win if we decided to battle it out in that way! Even so - in a few curious ways, this episode reflects the dynamics of a game of chess quite nicel...
Episode 68 - How to Quit!
Hello listeners! Did you ever quit something? Before we get started, I have to admit that of all of our episodes, the title of this one might be my favorite! A whole episode on how to quit! Yikes! Quitting has some pretty serious, if not outright ext...
Episode 67 - Fear, Safety, and Creativity - or, The Episode Where the Power goes Out!
1 Stunde 2 Minuten
What is the relationship between creativity, safety, and fear? That is the question that we explore in this episode, as we’ve noticed that creativity often emerges at times when it’s “safe” to do so. Is the brain really such a “one-trick horse” that...
Episode 66 - What is Nonviolent Communication?
1 Stunde 28 Minuten
Episode 66 - What is Nonviolent Communication? Hey all! Welcome to June! Despite the unseasonable cold of the Memorial Day weekend here in the mid-Atlantic, it still marks the unofficial beginning of Summer. During this time, many folks plan for a li...
Episode 65 - Back to Basics, and Searching for the Unwind
1 Stunde 14 Minuten
Ok folks… READY… SET… aaaannd RELAX!!   So, did it work? Were you able to immediately drop into a state of sublime relaxation and clear-mindedness, or are you, like many, feeling like you’re constantly a little bit on, even during times intentional...

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This podcast, hosted by Drs. Cheri Spiegel and Paul Fitzgerald, covers all things as they relate to two college professors in this modern age. Enjoy! If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, blast them over!

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