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Episode 15
vor 6 Jahren
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Asking the question: Why do the youth of today believe in God and that Jesus is His only begotten Son but won't attend a weekly church service. The background music is by Bassist Ms. Robin Bramlett. The song is entitled: "Sunny Skies" featuring Darre...
(Songwriter) Chaun Tate -  "Special Lady"
Singer Songwriter Chaun Tate brings his unique style of writing to the forefront with his latest tune "Special Lady"
(Bassist) James Genus - "Saturday Night Live Band & Herbie Hancock" - www.Jross-tv.com
(Bassist) James Genus - "Saturday Night Live Band & Herbie Hancock" - Speaking on the road to success as well as the sacrifices.
(Darryl Ross & James Ross) - "Fathers Raising Sons In This New Era" - www.Jross-tv.com
(Darryl Ross & James Ross) - "Fathers Raising Sons In This New Era" - www.Jross-tv.com -
(Pianist) Robert Glasper - "Black Radio" - www.Jross-tv.com
(Pianist) Robert Glasper was taken his creativity way above and beyond the norm of his peers with his latest music project entitled "Black Radio"
(Bassist) Christian McBride - "Inspired Musicality" - www.Jross-tv.com
World Renown Jazz Bass Virtuoso Christian McBride Speaking On The Inspiration That Guides His Musicality....
www.Jross-tv.com (PODCAST) - James & Frances Ross - "On Marriage"
www.Jross-tv.com (PODCAST) - James & Frances Ross - "On Marriage": A shout out to young people who are getting married and want the scoop on how to make it work.
(Bass Virtuoso) - Victor Wooten - "Feeling The Audience" - www.Jross-tv.com
Bass Virtuoso Victor Wooten Speaking on the feelings that he get's even now after decades in the music business.
Bassman - Jimmy Haslip - "Performance of Melodies" - www.Jross-tv.com
Bassist Jimmy Haslip of the world renown jazz group "The YellowJackets" speaking on the relationship of melodies to music as well as his friendship with Jaco Pastorius
Bassist - Marcus Miller - "Know Your Craft" - www.Jross-tv.com
Bassist Extraordinaire Marcus Miller Speaking On What It Takes To Be a Professional Musician