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Episode 15
vor 6 Jahren
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Asking the question: Why do the youth of today believe in God and that Jesus is His only begotten Son but won't attend a weekly church service. The background music is by Bassist Ms. Robin Bramlett. The song is entitled: "Sunny Skies" featuring Darre...
(Songwriter) Chaun Tate -  "Special Lady"
Singer Songwriter Chaun Tate brings his unique style of writing to the forefront with his latest tune "Special Lady"
(Bassist) James Genus - "Saturday Night Live Band & Herbie Hancock" - www.Jross-tv.com
(Bassist) James Genus - "Saturday Night Live Band & Herbie Hancock" - Speaking on the road to success as well as the sacrifices.

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Conversation and Information that educates, stimulates as well as uplifts the listeners spirit and creativity. Interviews with some of the worlds top musicians who inspire you to not be afraid to follow your passion. Also talking about things that are comical, fascinating and entertaining.

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