Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond

Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond


Episode 32: 21st century skills & UK schools
34 Minuten
In today‘s episode I am joined by Matthew Lovett, a former headteacher, now an inspector of schools in England and school governor. He shares insights into a couple of major changes in education in England over the past years, some differences...
Episode 31: Creativity, innovation & design thinking
18 Minuten
Creativity and innovation are key components of design thinking, a human-centered approach to creatively solving problems. In this episode we'll be looking at what exactly design thinking is, the phases involved in the design thinking process,...
Episode 30: 21st century skills & crafting AI prompts
16 Minuten
Since ChatGPT’s emergence, there have been a lot of debates as to whether to ban it in schools. But does it really hinder critical thinking, problem-solving skills and student agency as some have claimed? On the contrary! In this episode we'll...
Episode 29: Is anyone listening?
20 Minuten
In this episode we'll be taking another look at the key skill of listening. Why is it that many of us tend to overestimate our listening abilities? What does being a good listener really entail? What can we learn from negotiators and journalist...
Episode 28: Storytelling, students & social media
31 Minuten
In this episode the English and psychology teacher Katharina Wendrich joins me for a chat about storytelling, students and social media. We delve into how stories can help young people to discover who they are, how social media has changed the...

Über diesen Podcast

We’ve all heard of the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication –, but what if there were other key skills and qualities? What about the power of curiosity, the value of empathy and the need for grit? Join me – and my guests – as we delve into these core skills in this podcast series and work out just what their importance is for students of English.

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