Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond

Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond


Episode 6: Finding common ground: communication
21 Minuten
Today, we are used to communicating across a range of media on a regular basis. But this does not mean that it’s something we do well. Join me to find out what happens to our brains when we communicate, which factors hinder effective communicat...
Episode 5: Working towards a common goal: collaboration
22 Minuten
This is episode 5.
Episode 4: At the heart of being human lies creativity
20 Minuten
Creativity is central to who we are as humans. It’s not only essential for our personal and social wellbeing but is also a skill that is in great demand. Come and join me as we look at different levels and kinds of creativity, ways we can culti...
Episode 3: Delving deeper: critical thinking
25 Minuten
Critical thinking is one of the most in-demand skills for the workplace today. But what does it actually entail, and how can we train ourselves to become better at it? In this episode, I’ll also be talking to the English teacher Jürgen Thamerus...
Episode 2: It all begins with curiosity
18 Minuten
As humans, we are driven by curiosity, the urge to answer the question why. But why is this? What does research tell us about its importance for learning? What can we do to create an environment that fosters curiosity? And what are some of the conseq...

Über diesen Podcast

We’ve all heard of the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication –, but what if there were other key skills and qualities? What about the power of curiosity, the value of empathy and the need for grit? Join me – and my guests – as we delve into these core skills in this podcast series and work out just what their importance is for students of English.

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