Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond

Teaching English Today- The 4 Cs and beyond


Episode 15: Intercultural competence
20 Minuten
The need for intercultural competence has never been greater and it's considered essential in global business environments. Developing it takes time because it’s a complex process that involves other core skills such as listening and empathy.In...
Episode 14: Sharing ideas: the importance of presentation literacy
21 Minuten
Today, the ability to share our ideas through effective presentations is absolutely key. But many of us are frightened of speaking in public. So, what can we do to conquer this fear? In this episode we'll also be looking at some of the differen...
Episode 13: Connecting through storytelling
19 Minuten
Storytelling is in our genes. We have always used stories tounderstand the world around us. And in the 21st century, we need them more than ever to be able to share our ideas and inspire others. Join me to find out how the storyteller’s brain...
Episode 12: Digital literacy Part 2
20 Minuten
Digital literacy is not just about knowing how to find and consume information, it’s also about creating and communicating. But the choice of media will depend on the target audience and our purpose. In this episode we’ll be looking at some of...
Episode 11: Digital literacy Part 1
18 Minuten
What does it mean to be literate in today’s world? How can we help students to confidently navigate the digital sphere? In this episode we’ll be looking at three key steps we need to take and how we can help students to become better at validat...

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We’ve all heard of the 4 Cs – collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication –, but what if there were other key skills and qualities? What about the power of curiosity, the value of empathy and the need for grit? Join me – and my guests – as we delve into these core skills in this podcast series and work out just what their importance is for students of English.

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