Turning self-discipline into daily routine | SELF-LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE PART 4

Turning self-discipline into daily routine | SELF-LEADERSHIP INTENSIVE PART 4

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One of the most important and at the same time most challenging
tasks in leadership is self-discipline. Only if you lead yourself
well can you lead others and be effective. But leading yourself can
be quite challenging, because your inner bastard often comes along
and wants to lead you astray. Today you are listening to the fourth
episode of the new series in the LEITWOLF podcast: SELF LEADERSHIP
INTENSIVE. Another important aspect of self-leadership is the topic
of today's episode - self-discipline. Especially when times are
difficult, you need a high level of self-discipline and, if
possible, a constant routine. Today, Stefan gives you some tips to
help you turn a high level of self-discipline into a routine. –––
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