CHEEXY Chats | How To Coordinate Intimacy With Lina Bembe

CHEEXY Chats | How To Coordinate Intimacy With Lina Bembe

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Hello everyone and welcome to the format CHEEXY Chats in our CHEEX
TALKS podcast from our ethical pleasure platform CHEEX. We are
Helen and Amenzee, chatting freely about diverse topics connected
to S*x & Relationships and our third episode was taking place
on the taz labs live stage. We’re pleased to announce our very
first guest of CHEEXY CHATS: Lina Bembe! Lina Bembe is a
P0rn-Performer, Director and Intimacy Coordinator. This Episode is
all about Intimacy Coordination and Linas Work. Why is Intimacy
Coordination necessary? What does it even mean? What’s the
difference between Intimacy Coordinators on Movie Sets and on P0rn
Sets and how does an Intimacy Coordinator make sure that everyone
on Set is feeling safe? If you are curious and want to know more
about the whole topic, check out our 3rd episode of CHEEXY Chats
and become a part of our growing little community! As a listener of
CHEEXY Chats, you now have the opportunity to try out the CHEEX
annual subscription for free for 7 days. Simply use the code
'cheexychats' at checkout via the link: Follow
us on Instagram: @getcheex Music: Eva-Lotte Andereya Cut&Mix:
Vanessa Sonnenfroh

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