CHEEXY Chats | To Cum Or Not To Cum

CHEEXY Chats | To Cum Or Not To Cum

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Hello everyone and welcome to the format CHEEXY Chats in our CHEEX
TALKS podcast from our ethical pleasure platform CHEEX. We are
Helen and Amenzee chatting freely about diverse topics connected to
S*x & Relationships and our second episode is all about the
0rgasm! We chat about pleasure, masturbating, the 0rgasm-Gap, the
relation between the patriarchy and the 0rgasms of vulva-owners and
how to take up space and to take your time for your pleasure. We
also broach topics like reconnecting with your body after abusive
experiences, the different ways of performing pressure around the
whole topic of 0rgasms for various types of genders and how
wonderful 0rgasms are but how they are not always necessary for
having a good time. What do waterslides and s*xt0ys have in common?
How do we loosen up the 3-Acts-Movie-like scripts of our s*xlifes
and transform performance into shared experiences? How do we chill
out a bit when it comes to 0rgasms and see them less as a task and
more as a fun part of an experience? Check out our 2nd Episode of
CHEEXY Chats and become a part of our little community! As a
listener of CHEEXY Chats, you now have the opportunity to try out
the CHEEX annual subscription for free for 7 days. Simply use the
code 'cheexychats' at checkout via the link:
Follow us on Instagram: @getcheex Music: Eva-Lotte Andereya
Cut&Mix: Moritz Bailly

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