Empowered Speaking Trailer

Empowered Speaking Trailer

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If you are an executive or entrepreneurial woman who wants to be a change makeer in the world by speaking your message and expertise, this podcast is for you. You want to gain more visibility and authority, be heard, be seen, and speak out.


vor 4 Jahren
Welcome to the Empowered Speaking Show. This is a podcast for
executive and entrepreneurial women who want to be more confident,
gain more visibility, authority and influence and increase their
income. The world needs more women's perspective in health,
business, family, politics, and finance. We need voices like yours
to make a change so you create a life worth designing. We will hear
from the most brilliant women and men we can learn from. We will
hear their stories of how they shifted through challenging times to
start a new career or business, how they incorporated speaking into
their corporate or entrepreneurial business, how they changed their
path to create more success. They will give tips, ideas, and
strategies we can implement in small actionable steps. This podcast
is for you to get your voice heard and into the world to make an
impact and make small changes.

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