Empower Your Mindset and Know Your Value

Empower Your Mindset and Know Your Value

19 Minuten
If you are an executive or entrepreneurial woman who wants to be a change makeer in the world by speaking your message and expertise, this podcast is for you. You want to gain more visibility and authority, be heard, be seen, and speak out.


vor 4 Jahren
Wendy Y Bailey discussed how to Empower and Boost your Minset and
how that creates more confidence in your life. Foster Relationships
to advocate for you: Get a sponsor and a Mentor Also it;s important
to be your own advocate and Toot your own horn more often. Showcase
your value and identify what your value is. Focus on activities -
journaling, yoga, affirmations, brag book of testimonials
Resources: WendyYBailey: on social media platforms
BusinessBeyondLimits.com/special-report "What Stops Your Sales

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