Outdoor Business - Christian Schou (Chief Executive Skibum at Hygge)

Outdoor Business - Christian Schou (Chief Executive Skibum at Hygge)

"The Majority Is Never Right" - The Grand Philosophy behind Hygge's Founder
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What I enjoy most about podcasting is the diversity of our industry
and the great passion of the personalities as influencers and
drivers. I found Christian Schou in a roundabout way - it's fun to
listen to him - he doesn't beat around the bush - he loves to say:
let's go skiing when I ask him for business-relevant impulses :-)
So open your ears for Christian Schou, open your eyes for House of
Hygge. Christian Schou likes to emphasize the energy with which the
Norwegian brand House of Hygge is making its way. Christian is the
manager and Chief Executive Skibum (as he calls himself) of House
of Hygge. The brand was founded in 2004 as a supplier of slack line
kits. His own description is better than any word I could find for
his status quo in 2023: "When I founded House of Hygge, I wanted to
go skiing. I made the world's first slackline set. The money
financed many seasons in Chamonix, climbing expeditions in the
Himalayas and surfing in tropical paradises around the world. There
were times when there were no budgets and no ambitions other than
the best possible experiences in nature. This is still the
lifeblood of our company. To this day, employees receive a written
notice if they don't ski when it snows. I am impressed by what our
small group has achieved so far. We are working hard and will
continue to do so. Personally, I'm still mainly interested in the
great experiences. Keeping things real. But what I am really proud
of is that we are creating year-round jobs in rural Norway. We are
an "outdoor lifestyle brand", as it is called in Nynorsk. Our
strategy is to become a fully-fledged supplier of sportswear, from
head to toe, inside out, summer and winter. We received wonderful
confirmation of this when we were voted "Newcomer of the Year" by
the Norwegian Sports Industry Association. The vision is still
firm: to give people a break from everyday life. We can therefore
promise you that we will work hard to continue to be both the best
in the test and the best at the party." Contact and further links:
House of Hygge:
https://houseofhygge.no/ Christian Schou:
Christian's recommendation: https://www.hubermanlab.com/

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