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#022 When to have a baby? - Heart vs brain decisions.
23 Minuten
Hanna brings us her dilemma today. She wants to throw the plans out the window and have a baby NOW. We talk planning vs winging it and trusting your instincts. We talk about the many reasons not to have a baby, give advice no one should follow, and c...
#021 Give yourself a hug - emotion coaching debrief!
26 Minuten
We needed a minute to process last week's conversation on emotion coaching this week (if you haven't listened - do it! It's an awesome conversation with an ECE veteran!) We talk about how we use it with children and with adults - even ourselves, and...
#020 All the feelings!! - Beth Frook on emotion coaching ourselves and our children.
1 Stunde 1 Minute
Beth Frook joins us this week! She is an early childhood educator, teacher trainer, and parent coach. (And by an amazing stroke of luck, also Megan's mom!) She shares beautiful insights into emotion coaching and drops some serious knowledge and resou...
#019 We're bored of ourselves. - A personal update.
23 Minuten
Well, we're a mess this week, and instead of trying to force it we're just popping in your feed to say hello and catch you up on a few life things. We talk the search for mom-friends, our hopes for interviews coming up, human design, and how the good...
#018 Sustainability with babies - I'm overwhelmed
42 Minuten
Disclaimer: I advise to not use ear phones for this episode. (Sorry) (There are some spikes in the microphone once in a while. I edited as best I could, but couldn't get rid of all of them without losing context. So please, listen to this one on spea...
#017 Childcare, parental leave and gender roles... - This s**t is complicated.
52 Minuten
Hanna and Megan are back together! They talk navigating the beautiful world of balancing work and babies, and sharing the mental load of raising a child with a partner. They explore the gendered expectations around the emotional labor of parenting an...
#016 Pre Baby Bucket List - Interview with Janine
60 Minuten
In this episode, Hanna and her guest Janine talk about their plans and wishes of what they want to do before getting pregnant. Janine also talks about her fears surrounding pregnancy and parenting and about her unique relationship to her foster-child...
#015 Do you really need to iron your clothes? - Taking a step back.
14 Minuten
Life happened and we needed to pause recording for a second. Hanna shares her thoughts on how important it is to reflect on the things we do once in a while and take some things off our to-do lists. Webseite: https://heymamaihavequestions.com Instag...
#014 Covering ALL the bases - Pre-baby conversations
1 Stunde 21 Minuten
There is just so much ground to cover before you add a human to your household! Hanna and Megan react to Melissa Medjuck's list of conversations to have before having a baby. They talk about expressing your needs around shared responsibilities, finan...
#013 I am a magical food machine - Nursing and milk supply
1 Stunde 21 Minuten
Megan talks about her breastfeeding journey and Hanna talks donation plans. We share pumping reviews and talk about latching, nipple shields, low waste milk storage and the glorious Haakaa! If you want to skip our chat and get right to the topic, go...
#012 Postpartum part two - It’s not all doom and gloom over here
1 Stunde 11 Minuten
More about Megan's postpartum experience! All about the ups and downs of having a baby during a pandemic, about finding your voice through having to advocate for your baby, community support, intimate time after birth and so much more. Webseite: htt...
#011 Postpartum part one - aka a fan letter to Megan's mom
56 Minuten
In this episode Megan talks about losing sense of time, lack of sleep, learning to breastfeed, healing from birth, bonding and how quarantine affected her postpartum. And about the amazing support from her mom - hence the title. Webseite: https://hey...
#010 Please don't call me "Mama." - This podcast is a hypocrite.
49 Minuten
We discuss why pregnant people and mothers are often called "mama" instead of their name! (AHHH) There's elements of power, identity, socialization, and just a lack of time and consideration in it. And also a whole slice of folks who love it. Turns o...
#009 Go team! Choosing where and with whom to give birth.
1 Stunde 3 Minuten
Megan talks about how and why she decided on where and with whom to give birth, how she feels about those decisions in retrospect and what she might do differently next time 'round. Hanna talks about her process from fearing painful hospital births,...
#008 A whole new world - The first 12 hours as a family of three.
1 Stunde 4 Minuten
Megan describes delivering the placenta, the 'golden hour,' newborn exam and taking home their brand new human! She talks about her and her partner's first decisions as new parents and what it felt like to hold their little one for the first time. I...