Meaningful Change – a podcast Archiv

#3 – Meaningful Change with Terry Irwin | EN
59 Minuten
Hi there! Today I am talking to Terry Irwin. She is an expert with years of experience in research and profession in transition design. The focus of her work is on design for society and the environment.
#2 – Meaningful Change with Laura Popplow | EN
42 Minuten
Today I am talking to Laura Popplow. She just finished her PhD on co.making and works with actors from different fields such as politics, research, business and society, whom she brings together through new formats.
#1 – Meaningful Change mit Minh Luong | DE
29 Minuten
Herzlich Willkommen – Heute spreche ich mit Minh Luong. Durch agiles Training, Teamentwicklung und Coaching begleitet er kleine und große Organisationen beim Entfalten ihrer kreativen Schöpfungskraft.