ASMR Let's Relax by Miss Mi

ASMR Let's Relax by Miss Mi


ASMR ❥ Facetime with Your Bff - Homework, Chit-Chat, Skincare, Tea Time - Personal Attention German RP
17 Stunden 35 Minuten
Schnapp dir n Tee und dann lass uns facetimen - homework, chit-chat, skincare & more FULL VIDEO: FIND ME ON SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: TWITCH:
MissMiFam Song ❥ Copacabana by Kiddy
Lyrics: 1: I entered the bar to find the Fam somewhere, but I couldn’t see them anywhere. & suddenly Mi called me over said: “come here my dear - welcome, welcome, every weekend we are here”! R: Welcome to...Copacabana what a time to be alive, C you...
ASMR ❥ Next Stop Dream Vacation with Your Friend through the 4Elements - Personal Attention, German-Deutsch RP
Hi my lovely - ihr habt es euch so gewünscht eine TRAUMREISE durch die 4 Elemente - in welchem Element bekommst du die meisten tingles? FULL VIDEO: FIND ME ON SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: www...
MissMiFam Song ❥ "1-2-3 GUTE LAUNE" by Kiddy
1st MissMiFam Song: 2nd "It's okay" Song: 3rd 123 XMAS: FIND ME ON SOCIALS INSTAGRAM:
ASMR ❥ BACKGROUND ASMR Layered 3Dio Sounds for Sleep, Study, Gaming, Reading
Hi lovely, another no talking video for you but this time with the 3Dio - perfect background ASMR for sleep, study, gaming, homeschooling etc FULL VIDEO: FIND ME ON SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: TIKTO...

Über diesen Podcast

Hi lovely, a warm whispered ~ welcome ~ to my ASMR Podcast. NEW ALBUM is now on Spotify: I'm an ASMR YouTuber from Germany and I want to help you with stress and sleep, increase relaxation and spread happiness. Make yourself comfortable, simply relax, enjoy ♡ Join the lovely Miss Mi Family #virtualhug MY MAIN ASMR TRIGGERS 🎧 ✨Roleplays * Tapping * Scratching * Ear to Ear Whisper * Mouth Sounds * Hair Brushing * Mic Touching * Up Close Whisper * Water Sounds * Personal Attention * + + + ✨

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