Wingfoil Experience

Wingfoil Experience

Sharing the stoke about wingfoiling / wingsurfing


#028 (EN) Philip Horn, Vayu
Philip Horn is a former windsurf pro, experienced water sports industry expert and one of the co-founders of Vayu. Vayu is a new wing foil brand and in this episode Philip talked about the challenges, struggles and the fun of developing a c...
#027 (DE) Klaas Voget
1 Stunde 9 Minuten
Klaas Voget is a German watermen from Kiel and a Duotone/ Fanatic teamrider. He is also deeply involved into the design and development process of Duotone wings and Fanatic boards. In this interview we talk about the history of Ken Winners fi...
#026 (DE) Dave Marten Vayu Teamrider
52 Minuten
Dave Marten is an official Vayu Teamrider and has probably the most wing experience in the South of Germany. The Interview is in German but there are English summaries of the content available on my Youtube channel:
#025 (EN) Kyriakos Giakoumaros
1 Stunde 24 Minuten
Why is a seasoned windsurfer as Kyriakos Giakoumaros so in love with wingfoiling? What is it all about and why is foiling in Rhodes (Greece) not a thing so far? In this podcast episode with stay away from the usual interview style and go more into a...
#024 (EN) Annabel van Westerop
Annabel van Westerop is a former vice world champion in kiteboarding and currently a half time North teamrider and half time North executive. But besides her professional career she is currently also super stoked about wingfoiling. In this episode we...

Über diesen Podcast

The stoke about wingfoiling (wingsurfing) is real and in this podcast we are all about our new favourite sport. We interview your beloved instagram wingfoilers and ask them all your questions. How do you get started? What should you buy? Where can you wingsurf? Who is who? We cover all your questions and we share the stoke. If you want to reach out, please contact me via Instagram, @dgraffe. #GoWingIt Daniel

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Aga (Gast) : vor 10 Monaten
Sehr gut gemachter Podcast, energisch und mitreißend! Einfach geil! Es ist sofort spürbar wie viel Leidenschaft und Herzblut drin steckt! Und man kriegt sofort Lust Wingfoiling zu probieren :)