Wingfoil Experience

Wingfoil Experience

Sharing the stoke about wingfoiling / wingsurfing


#036 (EN) Tim Taudien
1 Stunde 12 Minuten
Tim Taudien is a German wingfoiler and teached himself this new sport without any water sports background like kitesurfing, wingsurfing or surfing. He is now competing on a very high level and someone you should have an eye on. Follow Tim o...
#035 (EN) Matteo Guazzoni, RRD
1 Stunde 3 Minuten
Matteo Guazzoni is the international marketing and team manager at Roberto Ricci Designs and a former windsurfing pro. In this episode we talk about the RRD team riders like Abel Lago, Bowien van der Linden, Camille Bouyer, Francesco Cappuzzo,...
#034 (EN) Robert Stehlik
1 Stunde 39 Minuten
Robert Stehlik is the host of the Blue Planet Show a wingfoil podcast with over 15 episodes in less than half a year. In this episodes he shares what he learned by interviewing all these wingfoilers like Zane Schweitzer, Balz Muller, Alan Cadiz...
#033 (EN) Robby Naish
1 Stunde 16 Minuten
In this interview Robby Naish talks about Wingfoiling and his movie: The longest wave. He gets into: what you miss if you have not started wingfoiling already, where the future of wingfoiling is heading to, what makes wingfoiling so unique...
#032 (EN) Balz Müller aka Radiculo
52 Minuten
Balz Müller aka @radiculo is a windsurf and wingfoil pro from Switzerland. His stoke and positivity is outstanding and if you already know him or not you will find yourself liking that guy instantly. In this interview we talk about the Foil...

Über diesen Podcast

The stoke about wingfoiling (wingsurfing) is real and in this podcast we are all about our new favourite sport. We interview your beloved instagram wingfoilers and ask them all your questions. How do you get started? What should you buy? Where can you wingsurf? Who is who? We cover all your questions and we share the stoke. If you want to reach out, please contact me via Instagram, @dgraffe. #GoWingIt Daniel

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Aga (Gast) : vor 3 Jahren
Sehr gut gemachter Podcast, energisch und mitreißend! Einfach geil! Es ist sofort spürbar wie viel Leidenschaft und Herzblut drin steckt! Und man kriegt sofort Lust Wingfoiling zu probieren :)