NLP In Action - Mike Sweet - 10 Minute Coach - Rapid Practical NLP

NLP In Action - Mike Sweet - 10 Minute Coach - Rapid Practical NLP


023 - Reframing in NLP
11 Stunden 10 Minuten
Reframing is a core element of NLP. It's a simple yet powerful process that can mean the difference between you have a stressed and uptight life or one much more enjoyable one. Seriously, it really is that good. And the great news is, you'll already...
022 - Deletions in NLP
15 Stunden 45 Minuten
There are 3 areas that I'll separate out for Deletions. These are Nominalisations, Unspecified verbs and Simple deletions. For clarity, the purpose of understanding deletions is to get to the heart of another person map. We are deletions machines, i...
021 - Generalisations in NLP
11 Stunden 47 Minuten
Generally speaking, generalisations are everywhere. Learn this and begin to spot generalisations in NLP. Generalisations are one of the fundamental pieces of the Meta-model. With already took a deep dive into distortions which you can find here and a...
020 - Distortions in NLP
15 Stunden 46 Minuten
There are five main distortions in NLP seen in the Meta model. They are:  Mind reading  Cause-and-effect  Lost performative  Complex equivalence  Presuppositions Mind Reading We are all guilty of mind reading I know you are! A mind read is categori...
019 - What Is the NLP Meta Model
9 Stunden 34 Minuten
The NLP Meta model is a linguistic process that was developed back in the 70s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The Meta model gives you a set of questions that allow you to gain some high-quality information. By now, you probably understand that...

Über diesen Podcast

NLP in Action is a 10 minute practical guide to NLP by Mike Sweet, The 10 Minute Coach. Each of the episodes is aimed to give you an insight into the world of NLP. Since the 1970's NLP has come a long way and is now adopted into the business and professional worlds as its ethos, techniques and processes have proven themselves over time. NLP is without doubt, an art-form. It's all about flexibility and finding new possibilities. I wonder what you'll discover?

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