Cloud Talks - Meet Team Fashion Cloud

Cloud Talks - Meet Team Fashion Cloud


#23 Meet Clara - Sustainability special 
43 Minuten
With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22nd, there’s no better time to discuss the issue of sustainability at Fashion Cloud. For this special occasion, we sit down with our sustainability manager Clara. She explains why we believe the...
#22 Meet Inessa - Between diapers and managing a team
This is to all the working mums out there! Around International Women's Day, we want to give the stage to women and talk about topics (almost) only they have in their career and life. And what's a better, yet also quite unpopular topic than mot...
#21 Meet Manuela - product design made in Ibiza
35 Minuten
Meet Manuela - our very first dedicated product designer! Manu is bringing endless enthusiasm and is professionalising the way we work on design at Fashion Cloud. In this episode, among other things Manu shares her path - earlier in her career...
20 Meet Lisa-Marie - WTH is Smart Replenishment?
42 Minuten
Was haben Weightlifting und unsere digitale Order-Lösung gemeinsam? Nichts. Außer, dass Lisa-Marie, unser heutiger Gast im Podcast, beides feiert. Lisa-Marie erklärt: Modehändler möchten - wie wir alle - vor allem eins: lästige wiederkehrende A...
#19 Meet Lisa - Mental Health Special
Everybody's talking about it, nobody can unsee it became a heavily discussed topic throughout the past years and especially since the pandemic - mental health. Even though many people talk about it openly already, we decided to also make it a t...

Über diesen Podcast

Cloud Talks - Meet Team Fashion Cloud. Du möchtest Team Fashion Cloud besser kennenlernen und Einblicke in den Arbeitsalltag eines Tech Start-ups bekommen? In unserem Podcast stellen wir dir unsere Team Mitglieder und ihre Stellen vor. Erfahre mehr über die unterschiedlichen Positionen, deren konkrete Aufgabenbereiche und unsere Unternehmenskultur. In jeder Folge laden wir ein neues Team Mitglied dazu ein, mit uns über die Zusammenarbeit im Team, verwendete Tools im Arbeitsalltag, Aufgaben und Arbeitsweisen zu sprechen. Wer weiß, vielleicht findest du ja in einer unserer Folgen deine zukünftige Stelle! English: Cloud Talks - Meet Team Fashion Cloud. You want to get to know our team and get insights into the tech start-up worklife? In our podcast we introduce you to our team members and their jobs. Get to know the different positions, their specific tasks and our company culture. Each episode we invite a team member to talk about working together in their team, which tools they use, their tasks and work styles. Who knows, maybe you'll find your future position here!

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